Virtual ABP Southampton Marathon

Virtual ABP Southampton Marathon

We may be closed down but make the most of your exercise time!

We hope you are well and keeping safe. Thank you for choosing to take on the ABP Southampton Solo Virtual event!

As requested, we wanted to provide you with further details of how to run the VIRTUAL ABP Southampton Marathon, Half Marathon or 10k event. 

We've been working hard to find the best option to encourage everyone to safely enjoy the allowed exercise time, and still be rewarded for your efforts!


Option 1 - If you HAVE NOT signed up yet to 2020


Sign up to Virtual Event option here: VIRTUAL SIGN UP


Option 2 - If you HAVE already signed up to 2020 Event.

How does it work?

  1. Let us know via email on [email protected] and we will transfer you to Virtual event. Choose a date in April (anytime from 1st April 2020 to 31st July 2020) to run your chosen distance.
  2. Read the below Health and Safety guidelines to make sure you are safe to run your distance
  3. Download your official ABP Southampton Marathon, Half Marathon and 10k 'Start Line' and 'Finish Line' filters HERE. Don't forget to use them! 
  4. RUN YOUR DISTANCE. Why not document your challenge with video footage or photos to share with friends and family?
  5. Upload your result to us here - VIRTUAL RESULTS UPLOAD
  6. We will post your t-shirt and medal out to you throughout May once the virtual event has been completed and processed, along with a unique £20 discount code for your chosen future event.


What do we need from you?

The following sent to our Results tab: UPLOAD YOUR RESULTS HERE

- Your t-shirt size (for your Finisher's tee) 

- Address for where you want your Finisher tee and medal sent to.

- Photos of you with the Finish line filters (HERE)

- Screenshot / photo of your distance run for 'proof'


Don't forget all 5 things from the above :D We can't wait to see your photos!


Can I spread the distance over more than 1 day?

Yes - you could for example run 1 mile per day for 26 days to complete the marathon! We would need screenshots from each of the days.


Why do you need my address - don't you already have it?

Yes, we already have the address that you put on your original sign up form, however we are aware that in these unusual circumstances many people may have returned to their family homes / chosen to self isolate to help prevent spread of coronavirus. We will therefore need you to confirm the address that you are most likely to be at. 


IMPORTANT - PLEASE NOTE - Health and Safety guidelines:


- We would remind you to please follow the Government guidelines (can be found HERE). Current advice at time of sending this email is that one form of exercise a day is encouraged for example a run - this must be alone or with members of your household. We will be closely following Government guidelines, so if this should change at all, then the ABP Southampton Marathon, Half Marathon and 10k virtual event will be paused and reopened when it is safe to do so. Please make sure to check up to date Government advice before you head out on your solo virtual run. 


Remember to maintain social distancing (current recommendations are to keep at least 2m between yourself and others who aren't members of your household). This may mean that you need to safely cross the road, or pause to allow others to pass in order to maintain a safe distance at this time. 


- If you, or a member of your household have (COVID-19) the Coronavirus - please DO NOT complete the virtual run. Please stay at home and self-isolate as per the Government guidelines. 


- If you are suffering from a different illness or are injured in any way, please DO NOT complete the virtual run. Whilst it may be disappointing, we do have other options available to you (deferring to the 2021 event, transferring to our Winchester Half marathon in September for example, or running the event on our postponed date). The most important thing is to get yourself back to full health before participating in any physical challenges. Please note that this advice isn't just for you, but is also taking into account the incredible strain that the NHS is currently under. We do not want to add to that - so please only participate if you are fit and healthy.

Following all of the above, for those of you who are taking part in the solo virtual run, this is going to be a really fun event and what an incredible challenge for you to take part in! We do hope that you really enjoy your ABP Southampton Marathon, Half Marathon and 10k Solo Virtual Run and can't wait to see the photos of you on the Start and Finish line after! We will be adding these to a Facebook album post event so that others can be inspired by your efforts and celebrate in your success. 


Thank you for choosing to run the ABP Southampton Marathon, Half Marathon and 10k Virtual Event - let's DO THIS! Please do let us know if you have any further questions we can help with in the meantime and keep safe everyone,



Many thanks

Kind regards, 

Events Team


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