Top tips to help you overcome race day nerves

Top tips to help you overcome race day nerves!

It is now only 24 days until the 2019 ABP Southampton Marathon, Half and 10k events get underway. Getting nervous yet? Read the below top tips to help overcome those nerves.

The clock is ticking!

If you haven't registered yet, you need to get your skates on!

Our general entries have closed for each of the three distances but it is still possible to sign up with a late entry!

And as we countdown to race day on Sunday May 5th, our latest blog entry looks at how you can tackle and overcome any nerves you may have!


Firstly, remember - nerves are a good thing!

They are a clear sign your race means a lot to you and that you are also committed to performing well.

It is only natural to experience pre-race butterflies or perhaps even 'jelly legs' beforehand, but that is nothing out of the ordinary.

If you are preparing for your first-ever marathon, then of course, it is a step into the unknown. But, try and channel all of your feelings and emotions into your race.


Have faith in your preparation

Come race day, remind yourself that you've done all of the hard work to get yourself to this point.

Your mind can try and play tricks on you; and maybe make you question 'did I do this, did I train hard enough'.

However, it is important you cast those doubts to one side and don't second guess yourself.


De-stress and stay calm

Plan your day on May 5, such as having all of your kit ready to go the night before - in addition to transport arrangements to get to your event.

This will help you to relax and stay cool, calm and collected. The last thing you want to be doing on the morning of your race is rushing around!


Relax and control your breathing

You may have been working on your running breathing technique throughout your training programme.

And before you get going on race day, put some of that knowledge into practice by taking deep breaths in through your nose and out through your mouth.

The ultimate aim is to feel calm and in a relaxed state.



Most runners are indeed running to achieve their goal, such as raising funds for their chosen charity or aiming to smash their first-ever race!

Whatever your goal is, think about your aims and ambitions before you set off on your run. It will help serve as your main driving force through to the finish line.


It's OK to let your mind wander

It's impossible to stay focused from pre-race until the finish line, so also find time to soak in the atmosphere and the environment of runners around you.

By doing this, some of those nerves you had will ease and you’ll start to enjoy the experience which is the most important thing!


You can sign up for the ABP Southampton Marathon, Half Marathon, 10k and Fun Run here!

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