Southampton Marathon Going Global

Southampton Marathon Going Global

This year we have already got people coming to the ABP Southampton Marathon from every continent except Antarctica!

When race week comes around there is always that feeling of excitement, nervousness and optimism. Knowing that you have prepared all you can prepare for and understanding what the plan for the last few days building up to the day of the event.

For most people raceday starts with a short journey to the start line but for others it isn’t that simple with long drives, train journeys or event flights!

Already for the 2020 ABP Southampton Marathon, there are over 20 people who are flying over for this event. You have those that are relatively close, like Ireland and the channel Islands but then there are others from mainland Europe, we have people from Poland or the Czech Republic. Why? To “visit a place I haven’t before and get a run out of it!”

Even further away than mainland Europe, we have people from the United States of America wanting to experience what Southampton has to offer. We also have a runner from Singapore joining us, in a warmup for the Vietnam Jungle Marathon; He is using the Southampton Marathon as a warmup, but this will also be his first marathon he will be competing in as well.

A few athletes from Brazil and South Africa round out the international group. One of the athletes from South Africa has her dreams set on The ABP Southampton Marathon in April but not just that, as her dream is to “run a marathon in every county possible” she isn’t limiting herself from anywhere and it is that positive mentality that will drive her to success! 

We even have one athlete who is coming from Western Australia for a homecoming having lived in Southampton from 1982 until 2001. Then he moved to Australia and has been there ever since, residing in Perth. Having now retired he wanted to take up the challenge of a marathon, and so with six weeks training, he decided to take on the Tasmanian marathon in Hobart and said that was the only one he will complete but then the bug caught him so he is back for a crack at the Southampton Marathon.  

SIX out of Seven Continents are ready and raring to go for this event, Are you?

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