New runner? No problem!

New runner? No problem!

Not only is our runners’ profile on a runner who is new to running, but he is also new to Southampton!

Owain Thirsk didn’t run until around 8 months ago. He had played football for a long time but decided to come off the pitch. He is also a keen sailor but wanted to add another sport to keep him moving. So, from swapping his football boots to running trainers, he swapped locations too from North Wales to the Coastal City of Southampton.

Running was originally a way to just keep fit, Owain never really thought about entering events or anything beyond running once or twice a week. However, after he discovered the many reasons why running is so popular, he couldn’t help himself. As Owain says “all you need are a pair of trainers and you are ready to go!”

He also finds the idea of running groups a fantastic idea, having never been part of one, he wants to join one soon as running “should be accessible to people of all ages and abilities.”

When asking Owain on what his ideal distance to run is he goes onto say how in order to prepare for the ABP Southampton Marathon Event, he says that increasing his distance was key, when his aim was just to keep fit he would manage 10km every week. But now he has been increasing his distance to 13 miles per week.

Learning a new skill is always a challenge but one that Owain has relished! We are sure he will record a time he is happy with when the 26th of April comes around at the ABP Southampton Marathon.

So, to all the runners, and Owain, Good luck and see you there on the day! If you haven’t signed up yet, then make sure you do by clicking on the link-


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