Last-minute tips before race day

Last-minute tips before race day

As race day edges closer and closer we thought we would supply you with our top last-minute tips you should think about whatever your distance!

Our 2019 ABP Southampton Marathon, Half and 10k events are inching ever closer!

And if you haven't registered yet, you better hurry!

General entries have closed for each of the three distances but it is still possible to sign up with a late entry and run on Sunday, May 5th!

With race day under 20 days away now, here are our top last-minute tips you should think about whatever distance you're running!


Stick to your plans

It goes without saying but now is not the time to make any drastic or indeed sudden changes to your training programme and race day plans.

Trust the process and what has served you well up to this point.


Run at your pace

The adrenaline of a mass start really gets you going but there are many runners who set off way too fast as a consequence.

Those that do often pay for it a few miles in and lose track of their plan and pace strategy.

It is your race so don't be swayed by what other runners do too much!


Prepare your kit and other things in advance

Avoid needlessly rushing around before your race and organise your kit on Saturday (May 4).

If possible, collect your race pack ahead of time so you're able to attach your race number and timing chip. Charge things like your phone and music player while it’s important to remember gels, muscle tape and your smartwatch!

In addition, bear in mind weather conditions on the day. If it is hot, go for light coloured clothing and nylon wear which will absorb sweat, rather than cotton, dark or tight-fitted attire. It is also worth having sun cream handy!

By making yourself a mini checklist, you will feel more relaxed, sleep a little easier and be less rushed on race day as a result.

Don't change your trainers!

It's a definite no-no to try out different footwear or wear a brand-new pair of runners on race day! Just don't do it!


Familiarise yourself with the route

By knowing where you'll be running, it helps to soothe those race day nerves (link:

It's useful to know where key landmarks will come during your run, such as Itchen bridge, allowing you to build mini targets as well as tell family and friends beforehand where to stand and watch you run past!

It really does pay to read through our race rules and regulations and note when and where drinks and toilet stops are, amongst plenty more information (link:


Set a couple of goals

For a lot of runners out there, surpassing the finish line is mission completed.

And even if you are targeting a specific time, always remember that race day can be unpredictable and you never quite know what's going to happen.

That's why it's worth setting a couple of goals, with the first being your top target and then have a second one handy as a back-up.


With all that said, most importantly, just go out there, enjoy it and give it your best shot.
And finally, you should also think about these things:

- If you haven’t already, start to taper and ease off your running workload now.
- Carb-load ahead of your race to boost your energy stores!
- Ensure you are nicely hydrated and drink plenty of fluids in the days leading up to Sunday May 5.
- Put out a social media post with your race number and kit to let everyone know you’re running!
- Don’t forget to warm-up on the morning of your run.

If you're starting to feel the nerves, give our last blog post a read! 

Sign up here if you haven't already! 

Best of luck, see you there!


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