20 Events in 2020 with the Whole Family!

20 Events in 2020 with the Whole Family!

The Ginn family are going taking on the challenge of 20 events in 2020 including the ABP Southampton Marathon! Read about the reasons behind the madness plus the cause motivating them to triumph!

This is what the Ginn family is aiming for this year; 20 events in 12 months! Chris, his wife, his 2 children and 2 sisters plus Chris’s brother and his family will all be taking part in the challenge. Not only is this effort a good thing for themselves but they are also running for a fantastic cause, The MSA Trust, as unfortunately their mother passed away in January last year due to MSA and they are running in her memory.

Some entrants of an event struggle organising themselves to get there, so imagine how making sure seven people are on time is! One thing Chris does make sure of is that everyone has an event they can do, as they often only compete in events where multiple distances are available, giving everyone a chance to show their ability. The ABP Southampton Marathon, Half & 10K is a perfect example with 4 distances to choose from!

Not only do they run events as a family, but they also take part in any local runs or activities as a family too, at least once a week (and they even bring an extra family member, their dog!). Aside from the obvious reason of doing physical activity being to keep them fit and healthy, doing these events as a family increases the time spent as a family, something that can never be underestimated.

However, spending time as a family isn’t the only motivator for these events, as Chris explains “medals and goody bags are also a bit of an incentive.” Explaining no matter how small, large, serious or fun a run is there will always be the precious goody bag or medal awaiting them. He also is very enthusiastic about the idea of the “mini miles and 1k races that are great for younger children” and he is hoping that due to the popularity of these events for younger children, this will mean more events for children to take part in.

Whether your going solo, doing a run as a couple or going as a whole family, we’re so happy to see so many people fit and active and if you are one of those people then you can sign up to the ABP Southampton Marathon, Half or 10K HERE!


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