Training Periodisation

Training Conflicts Fitness is complex! It involves a complex blend of strength and endurance, both muscular and aerobic. At different levels of intensity, the muscles utilise different fuel mechanisms. You have different types of muscle fibre in each muscle; some deliver explosive power, while others can supply a moderate level of power over extended periods. As an endurance athlete racing for more than about 2 hours your body will have to get good at using fat rather than glycogen and blood sugar as its source of energy.

ABP continuing as Headline Sponsor for 4 more years!

Today we have announced that our partnership with title sponsors ABP Southampton will continue for another four years, which will secure the UK’s leading port operator as title sponsor for at the first 10 years of the Southampton Marathon, Half and 10K.

Last-minute tips before race day

As race day edges closer and closer we thought we would supply you with our top last-minute tips you should think about whatever your distance!


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