Meet the Experts Event

Meet the Experts Event


Meet the Experts Event

 Meet the Experts Event

Top tips for a successful run

Tuesday 13th February 2018

17:30 - 20:30


The Spark

Southampton Solent University

East Park Terrace


SO14 0YN


Join us as industry experts share practical tips to help you prepare for the ABP Southampton Marathon.

With just a few months to go until the ABP Southampton Marathon we are delighted to offer participants and partners the opportunity to hear from industry experts and access tips on how to prepare, boost and sustain your performance.

Our speakers will address the audience from 6pm and include:

Dr James Steele, Senior Lecturer Applied Sports Science, Southampton Solent University who will discuss 'Resistance training for endurance performance: It may not work the way you think'.

Most endurance athletes are coming over to the idea that resistance training, or strength training as many refer to it, is an important component of training to improve their performance. However, what is less well known is why this is so. The aim of this talk will be to discuss some of the potential mechanisms through which resistance training might improve endurance performance, directly and indirectly, whilst attempting to dispel myths in this area. Hopefully, you’ll leave this talk with a better idea of exactly where resistance training can fit into your endurance training program, and how exactly to apply it for best results.

Dr Ali Hill, Course Leader Applied Human Nutrition, Southampton Solent University, who will outline 'Nutrition for training and race day'.

You’ve got the right shoes, you’ve got your training sorted, but if you don’t have your nutrition right, all of the preparation counts for nothing. Come along to this talk to hear how you can get the most from your training, and perform to your best on race day. You can also ask Dr. Ali Hill, a Registered Nutritionist, specialising in Sport and Exercise Nutrition any of your burning nutrition questions.

A variety of local organisations will also be showcasing support services and clubs available across the city to help support you in preparing for the marathon.

Martin Skivington, Head of School of Sport, Health and Social Science, who will explore 'Movement screening - how to tailor a warm up and stretching to your individual needs'.

Many runners simply follow generic warm up and/or stretching guidance, with no consideration as to whether the exercises undertaken are in fact benefitting their performance. This talk will show you a few simple screens designed to identify whether you have any noticeable movement dysfunction or asymmetries, followed by some practical guidance on what exercises will work best for you based on the results of the screens.

Sometimes in life it's easier to ignore a problem and hope it goes away, but this session will allow you to confront any issues and leave with practical solutions to improve your health and running performance.

Who knows, this could be the best 15-minute investment of your time you make this year.


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