The Waterfall Trust

The Waterfall Trust

The Waterfall Trust is a Southampton based charity who provide women with a programme to help them overcome addictions and life-controlling issues. This year they are getting involved in the ABP Southampton Half Marathon and 10km event, so they need you to pick up your trainers, and help them with their fundraising!


The vision of The Waterfall is to help women, who have addictions and life-controlling issues, to regain their dignity and confidence; to become a key provider of shelter, learning and healing for women in the UK whose addictions and choices have been destructive to their own lives, their families and communities; and to create a restorative community that makes a significant contribution to the social and mental health of our society.


We began in 2014 with a mini day programme in Southampton, offering a day a week of group work and fortnightly one to one support for a maximum of 6 women at a time. March 2016 we are expanding two days a week for a maximum of 12 women, with weekly one to ones and in 2017 we anticipate be able to open 5 days a week and provide full recovery support. This will mean that many women who would otherwise have had to put their children in care in order to access rehab, will be able to access local recovery support while living at home in Southampton with their children. In fact, the lack of local female specific recovery options has meant that many women have avoided admitting they have a problem, for fear of losing their children, or being vulnerable in mixed gender programmes and have left it too late, leading to prison or hospital admissions, sometimes death.


If you would like to use one of our discounted places for the half marathon, or to run the 10K, and raise funds to help us restore dignity, health and self-management skills to women and their families please email Esther on….or call 02380225463 or go to and fill in a contact form.





Get in touch

If you have any enquiries, feel free to get in touch by sending us an email or calling us on 02380 254721.